About Us

At RoyalCon, we are a Family of Partners who recruit and train goal driven Nigerians to engage in promoting Free Health Maintenance and Fitness Awareness Campaign through health talk presentations at corporate organizations, associations, public/government offices, religious houses and special seminars. We use modern gadgets and technologies to run total diagnostic checks on all 27 organs of the human body with instant printable results for our clients.
We also promote the use of Natural Nutritional Preventive Supplements to advocate healthy living.

Our goal is to ultimately rid our environment and families of the growing danger of deadly diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, Hypertension etc widely caused by wrong lifestyle and eating habits accompanied by unhealthy environmental conditions and economic downturn in Nigeria. Researches have shown that every human has got health status and life expectancy. Health status is the quality of our health and it varies from the Vibrant, Tired and Sick zone. Somehow, we all fall into one of these categories whether we check it or not. The earlier we know our individual status the better for us. Knowledge they say is power and prevention is always better than cure. Also and early detection is known to save millions of lives globally.

Above all, through this widespread recruitment pattern, we help to create jobs for and empower the Young Nigerians who hope to affect lives positively and build a future of Financial Freedom.

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